NSSLHA Officers

President (On-Campus)

Taylor Freeman 

I am a senior in the Communicative Disorders undergrad program. After many hours of volunteering with children who have special needs while I was growing up, I discovered my interest in Speech Pathology, specifically Autism. Currently I volunteer with Reading Partners, Therapy at Play, and am working to complete my observation hours at different clinics in the Bay Area. In the future, I see myself working with children, whether it be in a school, clinic, or hospital setting. 

Vice-President (On-Campus)

Sadie Madjidi

Since I have joined the Communicative Disorders Program, I have absolutely fallen in love with everything about it! This field has opened my eyes to several different things and has showed me how passionate I am when it comes to helping others. Being in the CD program really brings a sense of community into my life because I'm constantly spending time with my wonderful classmates and Professors,whom I am lucky enough to learn from everyday. I am on the path to becoming a Speech and Language Pathologist and surrounded by such caring and intelligent people, who are all striving for the same thing as me. We all want to improve the lives of others and help make communication possible for everyone, and I believe I have taken a step in the right direction by being apart of this amazing CD and NSSHLA community. 


Nestor 'Nes' Fragoso

My main interests are phonetics, articulatory and phonological disorders, and accent modification. I hope to one day work in hospitals with adults and the elderly in rehabilitation for speech and language. As a first generation Mexican-American, my ultimate dream is to have a private practice working with accent modification. Aside from that, I enjoy hikes, theater, and cooking!


Lisandra Gutierrez

 I'm a transfer student from Cal State-Bakersfield, now attending San Francisco State University to fulfill a bachelor's degree in communicative disorders. I've been interested in speech pathology since seventh grade and began observing speech sessions ever since. I'm hoping to further my education through a speech-language pathology graduate program so that I am able to work in the public education system. My focuses lay upon elementary, special education, and bilingual speech. 

Media Coordinator

Shinesh 'Shane' Prasad

I choose to study communicative disorders because I find communiation fascinating. It is what we use to express ourselfs to other and the world and I wanted to be able to do my part to allow every individual i come across to be able to express themselfs. I have become interested is AAC   becaue it incorportaes technology into the complexity that is communication. Currently I volunteer with Reading partners, Apple Community Volunteer program and Intern with Two Speech pathologiest in burlingame. I see my self working with children in a school, clinic, private practice or hospital setting.

Student Liaison

Elizabeth 'Liz' de Dios

Serves as the main contact person between the CD students and faculty members. He or she must:

    1. Attend faculty meetings every other Monday.
    2. Report NSSLHA topics to the faculty and faculty topics to NSSLHA

CSHA/ASHA Representatives

Michaela Azzopardi  

Cassandra Ngo

Since 2012, I have been a San Francisco State University student with an interest in Speech Language Pathology. Ever since my second year of high school, I knew I wanted to become a Speech Language Pathologist. I have always had a fascination with language, and helping others communicate. My area of interest is strokes and stuttering. I currently volunteer at Support for Families and I also work with a professional nanny service for typical and atypical children. 

My passion for the elderly grew exponentially during the past seven years as I have volunteered and worked in a geriatric care setting. I enjoy hearing and learning from everybody's experience. I strongly believe that communication is powerful and strive to promote this by building a trusting relationship with others. My ultimate goal in life is to do good and be good and I wish to practice this value through speech therapy.

Social Chair

Denae Johnson

My goals are to pursue my dream as a speech pathologist by attaining a masters degree in communicative disorders -- while also getting a minors degree in special education. The main reason I chose this field was the passion, love and enjoyment I get from helping children.

Career Advocate

Meghan Fors

I am passionate about helping reduce communication barriers related to hearing impairment. I am particularly interested in early intervention for infants and young children with hearing loss or impairments. I want to be able to to provide therapy and counseling for these children and their families. I currently volunteer for the Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California and observe at the Auditory Oral School of San Francisco. I hope to become an audiologist so that I can help my patients improve their quality of life through better hearing.

President (Off-Campus)


Serves as the liaison between on-campus students and off-campus students In addition, he or she must:

    1. Set up and run off-campus NSSLHA meetings.
    2. Relay any information regarding off-campus needs to on-campus officers.
    3. Assist in NSSLHA related events.
    4. Act as coordinator of the CD graduation. 

Vice-President (Off-Campus)

Vienna Thouchalanh

After traveling to Honduras for a medical mission, I discovered my interest in working with individuals with disabilities. I made a huge decision to prolong my education at San Francisco State University to pursue a Bachelor's of Arts in Communicative Disorders. As of now, I am working part time as an aid at Spencer & Kong. In addition, I am a part time instructional aid at the Wings Learning Center. With this degree and experiences I aspire to devote my life to the field and community of individuals with disabilities.

Operation Smile President

Shana Rehm

I am a transfer student from Fullerton College with an Associates degree in Sociology. After a 4 year break from school I discovered my interest in Speech Pathology and more specifically dysphagia and cleft palate. Currently, I volunteer at Speech Goals and Reading Partners in South San Francisco. In the future, I see myself working in a hospital or a rehab center assisting patients of all ages.

Operation Smile Vice President 

Isabel Butler

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for helping others, and a fascination with voice and the speech mechanism. I transferred from Santa Rosa Junior College to San Francisco State University to pursue my dream of becoming a speech pathologist. I am specifically interested in working in the areas of apraxia, dysarthria, and individuals with craniofacial anomalies. In the past year I joined NSSLHA at SFSU and also became a volunteer for Reading Partners. My volunteer and work experience with children with disabilities has given me a first hand appreciation for the value of communication.

Operation Smile Treasurer

Mariel Cortes

I  have been at SFSU for 4 years and after switching from nursing found my passion with speech therapy. I am specifically interested in one day working in an acute rehabilitation center with stroke patients. I want to be able to broaden my spectrum as my dreams change frequently, but I ultimately hope to work with those who have fallen victim to drowning incidents and have been affected dramatically.