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Holly Labus
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CSHA Graduate Studies Scholarship Application Deadline has passed and the next one isn't due until next July but it is always beneficial to be aware of these types of things.


The ASH Foundation (the fundraisers for ASHA) provides scholarships and grants for many things CD including, but not limited to research grants, graduate students, students with disabilities, international students, and minority students. And here's some info on their events at the ASHA Convention this year.


Those who got their ASHA/NSSLHA Membership last year should renew it soon, as you get an extra three months before its expiration date December 31, 2012.


ASHA Convention Registration and Hotel Reservations - The ASHA Convention is $200 for student members and you can either pay online or when you get there. But one thing you might want to do ahead of time is reserve your hotel/motel/hostel room before you show up in San Diego with nowhere to land. may be sunny and warm enough to sleep on the beach...If you don't know where to start, this page has a roommate forum link at the bottom where you can sign in to your account and find a way to sleep on the cheap.

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